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Men's AEO Denim Jacket Men's AEO Denim Jacket Men's AEO Denim Jacket Men's AEO Denim JacketGuys, for the first time in over 7 months, I walked outside without a jacket on. It was glorious. Even on this stroll, I brought along my AE denim jacket and was actually hot. My winter wardrobe was looking tired. I was tired. This was a long brutal winter. All of my boots looked as if they went through two winters simultaneously, so naturally I was a happy camper being able to trade in the boots for the boat shoes. If this day was a look at what’s around the corner, then I could not be more happy. Let spring fashion season commence!

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Men's Zippered Bomber Jacket Forever21 Men's Zippered Bomber Jacket Forever21As the rest of the city waits in desperation for Spring to come, I know better. I’m over here still chilling in my black and grey threads accepting that Spring may never actually come. In hopes that it does, there is nothing wrong with adding a pop of color to lighten up the winter transition wardrobe. This floral tee from Topman was the perfect touch of Spring and the right amount of pop to give the whole outfit life. April being the time for light jackets, this Forever21 gold zippered Bomber jacket over a floral tee sent the right message. Spring was coming, just not yet. RVCA Snapback | Topman Tee | Forever21 Bomber Jacket | Zara Denim | Vans Sneakers

Sperry Men's Top-SidersSperry Men's Top-SidersSperry Men's Top-SidersSperry Men's Top-SidersNothing says the walk by the shore, bay, ocean, or along the beach quite like a pair of Sperry Top-Syder boat shoes. While home in Ohio this weekend I was able to get out to the beach plenty of times to catch the sunset and even the sunrise. Like every trip back home, this one was short-lived. Never enough time with the people that make my world go round. Sunday was the perfect day to get in a quick walk with mom before heading to brunch. Until next time, sejour chic.

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TOPMAN Short Sleeve Shirt TOPMAN Short Sleeve Shirt TOPMAN Short Sleeve Shirt TOPMAN Short Sleeve Shirt TOPMAN Short Sleeve ShirtTo some, summer means beach days, day drinking and rooftop parties. For others (me), it means back to school for the summer. As I slowly work toward my masters degree, I try to do so in style. With the mild summer we have experienced so far, dressing for class has been much easier. However, on those hot and humid days there are things you can do or wear to look professional & put together so your professor and others take you seriously.

A short-sleeve well fitted button-up shirt is the perfect solution. In this case I wore a pair of thin light weight denim from Levi’s with my TOPMAN shirt for a professional summer look. For the really hot days, chino shorts do just fine. Oh how I sometimes miss the days of undergrad where I would show up to class in sweatpants and a hat. In any case, happy summer ya’ll!

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Mens Levis 511 Skinny Cut Off Jean Denim ShortsMens Levis 511 Skinny Cut Off Jean Denim ShortsMens Levis 511 Skinny Cut Off Jean Denim ShortsMens Levis 511 Skinny Cut Off Jean Denim ShortsMens Levis 511 Skinny Cut Off Jean Denim ShortsMens Levis 511 Skinny Cut Off Jean Denim ShortsSummer is finally here…well the 50 shades of summer at least. Light grey skies, dark grey, sometimes just grey with fog…you catch my drift. Don’t get me wrong, even though I prefer a blue sky, grey is definitely one of my go to colors.

This short-sleeve sweatshirt tee from Zara was the prefect addition to my Levi’s light denim shorts to walk around and soak in what I could of the short lived sun that decided to poke its head out for an hour right before sunset. I’m not worried though, with Chicago Pride this weekend, I foresee a lot of color in the my future. Stay stylish friends!

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ZARA SuitZARA SuitZARA SuitZARA SuitZARA SuitZARA SuitAnyone that knows me will tell you I am rarely in a suit. But now more than ever the suit is becoming more popular for a night out on the town rather than a day at the office. Every so often I head to a social function, charity event or meeting and the time calls for a suit. Not just any suit. It needs to fit perfectly. Lucky for me, ZARA has a great line of slim fit suits that fit my body well with little tailoring needed. The goal is not to find a suit that fits perfectly off the rack. That will almost never happen. A good tailor is a necessity to getting the perfect fit. They’ll make sure everything fits in the right place. Take it from me, nothing gives you more confidence then being out in that perfectly fitted suit.

For more tips on finding the perfect suit – check out The GQ Guide to Suits here!

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Men's RVCA TanksTanks on tanks on tanks! After months of what seemed like an eternal winter, we can finally spend our Sundays soaking up the sun. Going to the “beach” has an all new meaning these days. Sure you head out to the beach around noon with your friends and a case of beer, but it doesn’t end there. For me, I get persuaded to go “day” drinking after which inevitably turns into a “night” of drinking. That is why it’s important to have beach outfits I can go out in as well. RVCA is my first stop in the summer threads search. Their clean & light summer looks are exactly what I look for. This roundup of threads is sure to leave you looking cool on the beach and hot at the bar. Stay stylish.

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